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15 years of experience allows us to give you good advice about EAS labels and product protection with anti-theft labels.


RF labels

RF Labels are good and popular security solutions to prevent shoplifting. Because of its thin paper and quick application, it is an ideal solution for source tagging. Almost all products can be protected by RF labels such as clothing, books, multimedia, etc.

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AM Barcode

AM labels

AM Labels provide the easiest form of EAS protection. They are applicable to almost all types of merchandise, and can be deactivated by a variety of label deactivators. Very popular for securing products such as cosmetics, electronic, pharmaceutical products, etc.

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Printed RF labels

Printed RF labels provide high quality, multi-color images and texts on RF security labels. This allows retailers to promote a particular product or brand, create a more effective shoplifting deterrent and value added products in a timely fashion

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